Uber For English

Not only has Uber become a household name it's become an uber concept describing a whole new sector of the global economy.

There are scores of blog posts and articles that try to distinguish between the concepts of the gig economy, sharing economy, collaborative economy, peer-to-peer economy, marketplace and the on demand economy. We’re not here to try and differentiate between features and economic systems, but we do know that they all share qualities that make them part of what we’ve all begun calling the “Uber Economy”.

The Uber economy provides individuals the ability to generate supplementary income or even full time income by utilizing an unused asset – a car, a couch, a contraption - to earn more. And on the other side of the marketplace, individuals and companies get the resources they need, on demand. The “uberfication” of customer experience in every aspect of our lives has translated into seamless selection, access and payment of a vast array of services and experiences.

In fact, the Uber economy has gained so much momentum that “Uber for…” has become a catchphrase to brand new products in a vast array of fields. Here are our some of favorite “Uber for(s)…” that have features we’ve grown to love and depend on.

One of the best on demand apps that help us maintain our best friendships is DogVacay pet sitting services. Depending on need, you choose whether you’re looking for overnight or day care, enter your dates and find nearby, trustworthy and experienced pet sitters. If you love animals but can’t commit to having one full time, then this site can help you make some extra money while getting your furry friend fix.

Local is the new global. Today traveling in foreign countries need not make you a foreigner all the time; you can localize your experience at the touch of button. EatWith is a platform where locals can host meals for travelers in the way of groups of friends and/or strangers who join together in pursuit of good, local food and drink, as well as wonderful, homegrown company. On the flip side of the coin, EatWith is a great way to show off your culinary talents, host interesting people and generate some income doing something that you love.

The Uber economy is not only about monetizing latent assets, there are also some innovative efforts to create platforms where peers help one another. Helparound is an awesome example in which diabetics can share information, resources, and even immediately alert emergency contacts when a problem arises and you need help.

For the working woman, presenting your best, professional self is often a source of both confidence and stress. Squeezing in time for beauty treatments isn’t just a challenge, it often feels impossible. Missbeez connects beauty therapists with women seeking beauty treatments at the most convenient hours (after work, kids in bed) by bringing the salon home to you. On the other hand, for entrepreneurs trying to enter the beauty world, this is a great new way to get new clients.

Uber for English: Mailfixer

Of course, we pride ourselves on being an innovative member of the Uber economy. Our platform provides an on demand service for localizing English emails and digital communications, enabling peers to help one another communicate better in English, and empowering non-native English speakers to present their best professional selves and in turn, leveling out the playing field regardless of one’s mother tongue. By fixing emails and other digital communications on demand for people around the world, we make it simple and affordable for individuals and businesses to put their best foot forward and make the right impression so that they can get their desired results.

The Uber economy has made it easy and accessible to get what you need, when you need it, wherever you may be. As the internet gets bigger, the world gets smaller, and we are proud to play a part in connecting people and creating global communities helping one another.

By Ronit Zimmer, first published on April 7, 2016 on