Don't forget the coffee...

It's August. The children are home - activity-less. This is weekly-post number 20. And my page is empty. I've been on a journey to unearth the inspiration to write since 5:30 this morning. And not simply an exercise in artistic expression (which after 38 years I am yet to accomplish); but the composition of marketing content that provides an added value for my readers.

As the morning unraveled, the muse for decent content surfaced and with it, some tips about how to craft a blank canvass when all else fails.

Tip # 1: Check the system

The 5:30 wake up was due to a Mailfix that came in from a customer in California. Being an early-stage startup, I’m still in micromanagement mode and when possible, I like to supervise the ins and outs of the traffic going through our site. I was pleased. The platform still works; Mailfixers are fixing and Mailfixers are checking, quality and timing as promised - no weekend coding surprises. I can now think beyond bugs.

Tip # 2: Walk the dog

With a clean mind and being early enough to endure the heat, I could begin absorbing my surroundings. I have a radio routine starting with the BBC World Service moving on to AP and then local music stations. As I switched to AP, it featured a WIX ad - I’m a WIX lover, heavy user and email subscriber. The vocal ad continued to drum out the same vocab WIX uses in its written promotions “stunning website”, “amazing “. This was already inspiration - use basic descriptors and repeat them over and over again through different mediums. This is how you establish a brand.

Tip # 3: Empty the dishwasher

The mundane, daily task of emptying and stacking the dishwasher is actually a form of meditation. You engage in repetitive activity, which eases the mind and allows your brain to shift. This morning, my brain shifted to where I’d want to be over this very long summer, - particularly for a new productivity web app like Mailfixer - productivity being the antithesis of summer. My business partner is in Greece. I have a brother living in Silicon Valley, another in New York and my father in Australia. I want to go overseas too.

Tip # 4: Put 2 and 2 together

My morning sequence set my mind on two distinct paths: using words as part of your brand strategy and the desire to travel to faraway lands. Mailfixer has users in Korea, Taiwan, Israel, US, UK, Finland, France and Australia, I could authentically put two and two together to consider an article along the lines of creating a content marketing strategy to go global with your brand.

Tip # 5: 5 ideas

I was taught in high school to create essay outlines as well as opening sentences that summarize the points of each paragraph. It’s served as my writing guide since. You’ve got about 500 words for your marketing content, so jot down about five ideas, flesh them out into five opening sentences or subheadings and get going with your writing.

By Ronit Zimmer, first published on August 22, 2016 on