Try These 4 Easy Steps To Start Learning English Today

If you are reading this article, chances are you want to speak better English. Whether you are trying for a job in your own country, looking to move to an English-speaking nation for a better life or even if you want to just learn a new language, congratulations! For you have made a great decision to learn this language.

English has the highest number of non-native speakers in the world. This makes it the perfect language for business, because of its global reach. If you learn English, you can communicate with people from over 90 different countries.

With so many benefits to learning the language, the only question right now is ‘how do I do it?’ Here are four ways you can learn English in only 30 days.

Business success

With over a billion speakers in the world, English is a dominant language for business and can help you succeed in your job.

  1. Find and meet fellow travelers in your journey through learning English

Research shows that the best way you can learn a new language is by speaking to people who already know it. You can easily find people in your own country who want to learn English, too. Apart from that, there are many online communities where people can help you in your quest to learn this beautiful language. One great online community is English4Today. This website has many resources for you to learn English, including tests on grammar, vocabulary and conversation skills. It also has a community of students to help you and it is absolutely free to join. Simply register on the website with your email address and you will have access to all its resources for free.

  1. Make labels for all household items in English and say them out loud

This is a great way to learn unfamiliar words and to know how to pronounce daily objects in English. Doing this will give you practical knowledge of the language and will also help you remember the words easily. Take a sticky note and label your salt and pepper jars, telephones and other pieces of furniture in your household so that you can say them out loud whenever you see them. Now you will have a daily habit of learning English that is also fun for you.

  1. Join an online class

Online classes give you the freedom of learning in your own time while organizing your lessons neatly. You can take these classes from the comfort of your home as a hobby. The flexibility online classes give you can help you ease into your learning at your own pace.

English4Today can help you here as well. It has one of the best English courses anywhere on the planet. You can upgrade your free account to sign up for online courses and one-on-one coaching for English. You can also find a course in 11 countries if you would like to study abroad or if you are moving to one of those countries.

  1. Change your phone’s default language settings to English

You have your phone with you all the time, so why not make it your own personal English teacher? This will force you to only look at English words and give inputs to your device in English. You can also use apps on your phone such as Netflix, YouTube and others to watch videos or read blogs in English. Make it a fun daily exercise for yourself and you will see an improvement in no time.

  1. Practice writing using online tools

No doubt the best online tool for non-native English speakers to practice their writing with is Non-native speakers tend to literally translate their thoughts into words on paper, which makes for very scrappy English. Rephraser provides a sandbox that allows you to write in English, and then automatically rephrases your text into grammatically correct and fluent native English, optimizing vocabulary, structure and conciseness.

You can try many more things, including keeping a diary of your thoughts in English. Not only is maintaining a thought diary or a journal a good practice for your happiness and well-being, but you can also do it in English to get extra advantage of learning a new language. Write down all your thoughts in your journal and include whatever happened during the day. If you can’t find the meaning to a specific word, make use of your dictionary. Even better, use your smartphone in which you have now set the default language to English.

In no time, you will soon become an expert in this global language.

Adapted from an article first published on September 6, 2020