The power of the English language today and how to learn it

Top reasons why English is on the top

Undoubtedly, English is the world’s most popular language and the one that is most useful. English is like a common relation that we have with one another. No matter which part of the world we are strolling in, English is likely the only language that can get you going if you do not know the language of that particular region. Whether you are traveling for business, applying for an international job, or trying to make some friends outside your region, English is pretty much the best language option available for you.

Top reasons why English is on the top

What makes English so dominant and powerful across the globe? There are dozens of answers to this question. Though the simplest way to answer it would be to state that English has been connecting people of different backgrounds, identities, and representations for over centuries, and it continues to do so. No other language in the world has traveled so wide and far as English has. That is one of the prime reasons the language still reigns over the world.

To get a more elaborated and better idea of why English is so special in current times, let us run through some points given below:

Language of business & trade

When one is dealing within their boundaries, they can speak their regional or national language. However, just as they step outside their zone into the international market, English turns out to be the facilitator. Business cannot take place in absence of proper communication. Therefore, in order to do a global business, one must be able to communicate in a language that others can’t understand. English is the one.

English for education

Some of the best books and novels of all time have been written in English. Not only that, the best of top educational institutions are found in English-speaking nations such as Harvard University in the United States, Oxford in the United Kingdom, McMaster in Canada, and James Cook in Singapore, etc. That is also where the best minds of the world seek to be. When the students from these universities pass out and take up influential positions, they begin to transform the world for the better using their incredible knowledge, skills, and of course, English.

English is the language of global society

When you connect with people on social media, which language do you use? In all likelihood, your answer must be English. Today, where almost everything has reached online, it is kind of mandatory to learn English. Whether you are making a new friend, trying to promote your brand internationally, or making efforts to get in touch with your idol, you have got to be able to speak English.

There are tons of more reasons why English is mighty and omnipresent. The above-given points justify it all, don’t they? Now, let us move to the next section of the discussion i.e. how you can learn English. First of all, keep in your mind that English is not at all difficult to learn. In fact, if you show determination you can start speaking fluently in no time. Let us have a look at how you can nail it:

Read English books & newspaper

We know it’s a suggestion you have got from probably all of your English tutors. But, this cliche suggestion is actually useful and effective. When you read English content, you are somewhere pushing yourself in the English. In other words, you are getting used to English sentences, phrases, vocabulary, and pronunciations which are all integral parts of it. As a matter of fact, the more you read, the better the results will be. Keep a dictionary along, and look up the meanings of words you can’t understand. Side by side, you can also carry on your grammar lessons. It will help you comprehend the frame and structure of sentences better.

Watch English shows & movies & imitate them

This is actually a fun part of learning English. You get to watch a lot of wonderful movies and tv shows. What you need to do is pick any show or movies, watch it, and now, try speaking in the same manner as actors. Speak the dialogues that you heard, follow the tone, and try to get the pronunciation right. This is an activity that is carried out at an English school in Brighton , and the results have been phenomenal. Speaking helps you eliminate hesitation and lack of clarity in the voice. This way, you are already on the path to become a great speaker. Additionally, as a second impact, you are improving your acting skill. Who knows, you may be Hollywood’s next superstar!

Test your knowledge

It is normal for a non-native speaker of English to make grammatical and structural mistakes while speaking. It’s normal but you can stop it, and English tests will help you. Taking tests will help you avoid errors that you are not aware you make while talking. You can find tons of English tests both online and offline. You also have the liberty to choose the category for your test.

For example, in case you feel your sentences in passive voice may not be right, you can choose the test related to active-passive. To keep sharp at it, you can always keep practicing with the help of English practice sets. With that, you will be confident and ready to do the talking anywhere and everywhere.

The bottom line

If you incorporate the methods listed above in your English learning routine, you can easily learn English. That is certain. In case you feel the requirement for additional support, you should join an English school that has a good track record of teaching English. Wrong or right, you can always talk with your friends and family members in English. Nobody minds that because everybody knows you are learning, and making mistakes is the first step in the learning process. Additionally, always have in mind that a great number of non-native people are speaking it already throughout the world which means anybody can learn it with enough willpower. We hope the tips given above prove to be helpful to you.

First published 18 May 2021