The Importance of Being Edited

Why is it that people who write so beautifully, who are so able to communicate via the written word, and who surely know how to write correctly, need editors to copy edit and proofread their work?

Have you ever read the acknowledgment page on your favorite novel? It pays tribute to the book’s editor. Why is it that people who write so beautifully, who are so able to communicate via the written word, and who surely know how to write correctly, need editors to copy edit and proofread their work? It’s quite simple – a second and even third set of eyes can make sure that your writing is truly ready to go.

And when English isn’t your first language, and yet professionalism is your goal, getting it right on the first go is both rare and time consuming. Mailfixer was born out of a belief that offering on-demand editing for English emails and other digital communications, would not only help non-native English speakers correspond fluently and efficiently, but it would help them get their desired results - from their email, post, profile, listing or whatever pitch is on the cards.

And this is why.

The Human Eye Beats Spelling and Grammar Checkers

Where there is English writing, there are sure to be spelling and grammar mistakes that integrated tech checkers will never catch. Why? Where, were, and wear are all spelled correctly but they mean completely different things. This is a simple example of a set of words in English that are so easy to mix up, true too for capital letters and punctuation. Tech checkers won’t catch these words because technically they are spelled correctly, but a trained, native English speaker will. As such rudimentary mistakes are so easy to make, a keen eye for detail is one of the skills we screen for when recruiting our Mailfixers.

Content Mistakes are Easy to Miss and Easy to Miss Out

When you have an idea of what you want to say in your head, you can easily gloss over mistakes that you’ve made, vis-à-vis what you actually wrote. For example, we’ve seen many emails where the writer will start by saying “let’s meet Monday” and will close the email by saying “see you Tuesday”. An editor with an acute lens, or a Mailfixer for want of a better word, will catch these mistakes and others, even when you might not. An editor will also ask you the correct questions to enhance and/or better define the content as required, leading to better communication and better engagement with your audience.

The Importance of Flow

The way we think and the way we communicate face-to-face are often much more erratic than we realize. When we express our thoughts on paper, they can come out just as erratic, except that we often don’t notice the lack of flow in our writing because the words are a natural extension of our thoughts. An editor brings objectivity to the table that allows them to fix the flow of your writing so that it is both fluent and well formatted. Mailfixers are all trained to look at the texts they edit holistically, to understand what the writer is trying to convey, and help sharpen that message, all while preserving the voice of the author.

“The Importance of Being Edited” is something that even the best writers among us value highly. For non-native English speakers, “The Importance of Being Edited” should be held in even higher esteem, so as to ensure fluency, professionalism and efficiency. Whether you’re writing a simple email or a more extensive blog post, a two-step copy editing and proofreading process is well worth integrating into your writing routine.

Mailfixers have been trained to approach your English texts with an eye for catching minor spelling errors, content inconsistencies or lack of precision in the details; they have been trained to format texts and specifically emails, to make them clear and refined in order to communicate your message. Mailfixer helps you present your most professional self and achieve your desired outcomes, on demand and in real time.

By Ronit Zimmer, first published on May 24, 2016 on