Professionalism + Personality = Results

Being professional -conducting one's self professionally, writing in a professional manner, working efficiently and effectively- must go hand-in-hand with being personal. This is the difference between being human, engaging, and ultimately getting what you want, to coming across artificial.

“Right now I’m just delighted to be alive and to have had a nice long bath.” Richard Branson

Take Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin everything, for example. He is one of the most famous, successful personalities in business today. How did he win the world over? It was by approaching his audience openly and unreservedly. His brand carries a certain connotation with the personality of the man himself—fun and friendly, indeed triumphant; which translated into market dominance. He is able to connect, by blending competence with charisma.

A good people’s person uses expressions and gestures that reflect their personality to captivate their audience. A good writer uses words to connect with his/her reader. For most people however, writing doesn’t come naturally and it can be difficult to express your personality well on paper.

Writing correspondence – the most intimate form of writing – requires finding the right balance between a professional and dignified voice, and charm and charisma that convey an interaction, rather than a faceless set of words. A strictly formal email or sales pitch won’t get you what you want, you’ll have to show them who you are, inspire a sense of connection and trustworthiness. You’ll have to emanate charm. If you’re wondering how bring out your own distinct personality to turn a regular email into correspondence that oozes old school charm and guarantees your reader’s engagement be sure to:

Use the proper address

Turn a demand into a request

Make the reader feel special

Be gracious

Sign off appropriately

And do all these things in your own special way to project your unique personality.

Decisions are made based on gut feelings – she seems confident, he seems smart, they seem friendly - I want to pursue this interaction. What talks to our guts is personality. Communicating naturally encourages team spirit and real connections. We make deals with human beings, not artificial intelligence, as innovative as AI is today. Therefore in order to maximize the professional, you need to infuse the personal into your interactions.

Our global community of Mailfixers have been handpicked and trained to understand, preserve and boost your unique voice in your writing. We not only polish your English, we do our best to enhance the natural charm of your writing, treating your written quirks and flourishes as assets. In this way, Mailfixer helps you to always put your most professional and personable self forward.

By Ronit Zimmer, first published October 6, 2016