Pro Tips for Crafting the Best Mass Emails

Mass emails are the key to sales success, here are pro tips for crafting effective messages at scale.

Look we know: you just want to copy and paste.

You do it, I do it, God does it. Honestly, who the hell (besides your mom) wants to rewrite every email as a unique treasure?

But, seriously, if you are going to send a mass email, it can’t look like a mass email because then your relationship with the recipient will be far worse than it was before you sent it.

I was motivated to write this piece by receiving yet another “Dear Investor” message on Linkedin, which always manages to infuriate me. How can someone honestly expect that they can get results without even swapping in someone’s name?

You can do better, and I crafted a list of pro tips to help you write emails that can help make the recipient feel unique and special while saving you precious time.

I am especially focusing on mass emails to people you know, rather than cold emails, since those are the ones where it is crucially important to be as authentic as possible while saving time and effort.

Tip 1: Personalize the salutation Obvious but often overlooked. Especially if you know the person and email with them with some regularity, make sure to use your typical greeting and style. So, “Hi David” not “Dear David” for example because the person will immediately know it’s a mass email if they recognize a header change.

Tip 2: Include a generic yet applicable non-work greeting This really warms up a mass email. Something like “hope you had a wonderful holiday” is obvious, yet still makes the email feel like it comes from someone directly.

Tip 3: Slot in a specific note I always try to include at least one line for that particular person. It does take extra time, but I think its worth it. Usually I try to pick something obvious that they told me about in my last conversation with them; a family milestone, wedding they were attending, etc. are all good choices.

Tip 4: Focus on one request Laundry lists are never effective unless it’s a highly specific follow up after a particular conversation you had with that person. For mass emails, focus on one thing you want them to do.

Tip 5: Short paragraphs and short overall No one wants to read a crazy long email, especially one they expect may have been sent to many others. Keep it short and to the point. One to two sentences per paragraph and three to four paragraphs max.

By Paul Grossinger Entrepreneur, investor, and speaker; First published on, Aug 23, 2016