How Small Businesses Can Utilize Technology to Serve Their Customers Better

Tips for utilizing small business technology to serve your clients better

The process of achieving professional goals in a small business is often constrained by a lack of resources. This is particularly true as you try to create the best and lasting impression on existing and potential clients.

Fortunately, you can utilize small business technology to serve your clients better and hence make significant profits. How can this be done? Well, here are the tips:

Technology Helps You to Communicate With Clients One of the key aspects of enhancing customer service is effective communication. This incorporates both listening to clients’ needs and making prompt responses. Technology can help you to not only efficiently communicate with clients, but to also collect data, analyse and determine how you can make improvements in the area. All you need is to invest in the best cloud-based customer relationship management tool to store information and analyze it accordingly.

Productivity tools can also make your communication clearer and more professional, for example’s unique AI technology instantly edits and rephrases your English writing. This will ensure your communication with clients is accurate and nuanced, which will increase their trust in your product or company. Whether you’re using phone calls, emails, or even text messages, with the help of technology you have a chance of making every type of communication count.

Social Media Leads To Better Customer Engagement Social media offers small businesses a cost-effective way of reaching clients. The informality aspect of the platform provides the liberty needed to get feedback from clients. Businesses can create different accounts, make note of the feedback, and act upon it without spending a fortune.

Collaboration Is Facilitated In Delivering the Best Customer Care Nothing is more disappointing than offering your clients different feedback or responses from your business. They are likely to be confused and may opt to buy products or services from other vendors. The problem is likely to occur if you have employees working at different times and places.

A lack of clarity on the roles may also lead to the issue. Technology offers you a chance to collaborate with your employees and thus determine the best way to address concerns from clients. You can conduct calls to ensure that all employees are on the same page when offering customer service. Making web conferences, sharing data on the cloud and use of intranet are some of the effective ways of fostering collaboration.

Technology Gives You a Chance to Learn Applying customer care service skills will help to perfect your business and get ahead of the competition. However, it is challenging to enroll in a college and still have time to grow your business. Technology comes in handy in this case, allowing you to acquire skills at your convenience.

Online courses are availed to the willing and available. It will cost you little amount of money to complete the process. You can also learn freely by looking at websites and videos posted by business experts on how to improve customer care services.

Technology Helps Increase the Customer Care Team’s Productivity Levels Your customer care team may perform below their standards if they are relying on outdated methods of rendering services. By employing different technologies, they can communicate well with clients. It also enables them to concentrate on the relevant tasks because most of the operations are automated. The aspects of creativity and innovation in service delivery are also encouraged. The productivity levels of the customer care team are remarkable in such an environment.

Moreover, social media applications such as Facebook chat provide your customer care team with the opportunity to communicate instantly with your customers. This allows them to solve more problems in less time and communicate with a greater number of clients.

Offering Personalized Experiences Is Ascertained Clients in the contemporary world want to know that their specific needs and preferences can be met by a service provider. Indeed, a one-size-fits-all approach to business does not work in a world where clients are easily exposed to information about products and services. A good businessperson meets this need by offering a personalized or customized solution to their clients.

Small business technology provides you with this opportunity. Specifically, integrating your business with customer relationship management software can provide you the details you need to deliver such services. You can easily segment clients and make decisions on how to meet their unique needs.

Technology Can Empower Clients

Empowering your clients involves offering them the information that they need to become self-reliant. Such clients are likely to maintain a good relationship with a business because they can make choices without necessarily going through the inconvenience of contacting a businessperson. As such, you may want to utilize technology to empower clients by creating the right content for your website and social media. Customers can interact with your business and make purchase decisions at any time. An easy way to do this is to set up a company blog page that you update regularly with information and articles that are relevant to your customers’ interests.

Technology Paves a Way for Authenticity in Customer Care The majority of businesses lose their credibility in the eyes of their clients because they are not authentic. They do not admit their mistakes and instead, they try to create a perfect image of the customer care team. Customers are likely to stay away from such businesses. You can avoid this by allowing clients to offer honest opinions about your business. Allow clients to make reviews or rate your content to determine their level of satisfaction. You can then address the concerns through your customer care service team.

The Bottom Line All in all, you can improve your customer care services by employing different technologies available in the market. Whether it is customer relationship management software, emails, web conferencing, AI productivity tools, or even social media, you can create a customized experience for the clients. Even so, you may want to engage a mobile development company and other experts in the field to determine the right option for you. The professionals must be experienced, skilled, and reliable to analyze your business needs and suggest an amicable solution.

Adapted from an article written by Nasrullah Patel, first published on, October 19, 2019