How Effective Business Writing Can Earn Fortunes

A well written business document is a powerful medium that tells a lot about you to your clients and customers.

Good writing skills are necessary for the success of any startup or business. Businesses that incorporate clear and concise writing practices always have a competitive edge over their competitors. A well written business document is a powerful medium that tells a lot about you to your clients and customers.

Oscar Wilde himself once said: “Writing can feel painful, but it’s incredibly rewarding.”

In today’s competitive world, business writing is no less than a challenging job because writers have to responsibly speak on behalf of companies, find the right words and put them into proper perspectives. When an employee sends an email to another company for a business proposition, it is reflective of the overall business values and ethics. The reputation of the company is at stake and getting it right becomes pertinent for its success. As a matter of fact, good communication is the pre-requisite element between two business entities. Therefore, business writers hold a key position in a company, which can effectively communicate with clients and attract customers.

Importance of content and its presentation

While at work, a company’s business writers have to write and send several emails, draft business plans, write sales letters to potential customers and compose sound business proposals. So, what to write becomes as important as how to write it. Which means an effective written communication will always favor a company’s reputation.

Consider an interview scenario: proper dress code and good appearance is always beneficial for an interviewee. Similarly, writing creates an impression that makes a world of difference on how clients and customers view a company. It essentially needs to convey the company utilizes a thorough professional approach.

Therefore, content and presentation are the two hallmarks of business communication. If a business writer’s content is rich but fails to engage the reader or does not properly convey the intended message, then the business communication wouldn’t be called successful. Likewise, if business writing seems professional but lacks clarity and facts, then the communication objective is not fulfilled either. So a fine balance of content and presentation needs to be projected.

Many experts focus on the utilization of seven Cs of business communication. These are:






Convincing, and


Written communication for business

Today, the recognition of the importance of written communication in business is gaining currency. The widespread use of e-mail in business and industry continues to grow, which has resulted in unprecedented global communication. Good written communication skills are also essential for finding employment opportunities. In this regard, in 2004, a survey was conducted by the National Commission on Writing for America’s Families, Schools, and Colleges. The published study was titled: A Ticket to Work…Or a Ticket Out, A Survey of Business Leaders. The study clearly showed that effective writing is reflective of high skill, high wage and secured professional work with clear equity implications. One of the key takeaways of the study was an employee with excellent written communication skills is an asset to every organization.

When it comes to effective business communication and transaction, there are certain aspects that should be addressed. For example, it is important to ask the right questions in the right tone. It should be crystal clear what a person needs to ask or say to another party, especially when the written communication requires follow-up actions. Moreover, in typical business perspective, effective writing skills allow an individual to construct a clear message that inform, motivate, influence, and persuade the other party.

Various research studies have shown that written words are more trustworthy than spoken words. Hence, effective writing skills allow individuals an opportunity to develop a high level of credibility only if they can consistently convey their messages with clarity, accurately and intelligently.

Purpose, requirement and outcome of effective business writing

The basic purpose of effective business writing is to send a message with the aim that the recipient receive the message, understand and respond.

Effective business writing requires appropriate use of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The information has to be logically organized and accurately outlined.

Finally, the outcome of effective business writing is productivity, direction, business transaction and successful content marketing. Company managers must use written communication in the form of e-mails, reports, and presentations.

By Smith Willas first published on June 14, 2017