Five ways to improve your writing in 2021

For anyone who would like to get better at writing in 2021 there are a few steps that would be of immense help if one were to follow them judiciously and if you already have some tips that would be great. With the known fact that no man is an island, the first step maybe would be to look outside for some help from professional writers.

Plan your work

The foundation to anything is very vital to its success or failure. With writing, the story isn’t that different. Most times we are of the view that our basics might be enough but being able to read and write to be honest is never enough. The basics here would involve spellings, punctuations, grammar and so on. Of course we all had English classes or else writing and reading this article would be impossible but there is more to writing which is the reason there are still seminars or workshops and people do attend to help brush them up.

Research on the topic

This is one essential time where you need to get essay writing help. If as writers, we can understand that no knowledge is ever a waste then we may be able to get comfortable with the idea of writing. More like a learning process where you learn and apply what has been learnt in your own words to represent your unique ideas sounds beautiful. Researching should come before even writing about anything because having a proper knowledge of the topic smoothens one’s path and improves the quality significantly.

Start off by making a draft

There is no shame in starting slowly with a draft which you ask me to have the most original and rawest form of ideas. As a writer, drafts do more than we actually give them credit for. For instance you may be indisposed to writing at a given time but you have these wonderful ideas and you are pretty certain you may not remember them later they go into your drafts.

Not only writers, musicians do this too, that would be the ones that actually write these days but not to miss the point because whatever is in the draft can be developed to become more and a bit polished with editing.

Join a group and make collaborations

By now, you should be able to be writing but your aim is to get better and having people of similar interests around is a very good idea. Imagine being a member of a group of writers where you read each other’s works, help with editing and give advice on how to improve. The benefits of this are easily noticeable and if one is lucky to be in a group of determined writers, having collaborations from time to time would be an icing on the cake. While in any group, it may be wise to get a friend who you can read and edit each other’s work. The editing part is very important because sometimes you would believe that you have done a heck of a job but missing commas, having small letters instead of caps can spoil your work. If one may not have access to any of these then you would have to supplement with more reading of top works or works that you fancy maybe from known authors.

Reading and writing

Sounds simple, But also enjoyable. Reading can be done in your spare time and followed up by writing . The beauty of this is that both can improve a writer and doing both is like having an RPG and an AK-47 rifle in a modern warfare video game. So that one doesn’t lose interest in the reading most especially, it would be wise to read items from well known authors or the very special ones. The reason being that there is this bias towards their works that then it doesn’t feel like there is an agenda behind it; it’s simply just reading a book , an article or essay from one of your favourite authors. Reading without writing would be a huge waste of the acquired knowledge. Some people would be of the view that no knowledge is ever a waste and they wouldn’t be wrong but the main objective of improving in writing would be defeated if there is no writing done to augment the reading. About reading items from well known writers and professionals one should not have to go far to get these because once you get some essay writing help it will make this a whole lot easier. Not only can you get help with your writing , one can also view some already written items from very good and certified writers.

First published on January 14, 2021