Eight ways writing improves academic performances of students

Writing stimulates the brain and boosts the academic performances of students. Also, writing boosts the IQ of students.

Writing is an activity that cannot be avoided by students in school. Whether it is a term paper or an analytical essay or even the highly regarded thesis or dissertations, every student will always be required to write something at one point or the other.

While the internet is populated with writing agencies like that offer quick solutions to your writing needs as a student, writing on your own will boost your abilities and capabilities in several ways. Writing stimulates the brain and boosts the academic performances of students. Also, writing boosts the IQ of students. However, as a student if you do not a genuine reason to start writing know that writing improves the academic performances of students in the following ways;

  1. Improves retentive capabilities

One of the factors that lead to poor academic performances is inability to remember important points and facts. However, in case you are a victim of this issue, writing is a remedy for this problem. When we write, the brain is engaged and stimulated by neurons that improve the retentive capabilities of a student. Hence, writing consistently will improve your academic performance by providing you with the ability to remember important notes made in class.

  1. Improves communication skills

Poor communication skill is another factor that can lead to bad academic performance. Students that possess correct knowledge of answers to questions asked in examinations or tests will not be able to express themselves well if they do not have good communication skills. However, writing improves the communication skills of students by providing students with the ability to build sentences that are free of grammatical and vocabulary errors. Regular writing exposes a student to the right use of words and phrases.

  1. Keeps the brain active

A student can suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other related mental illnesses when they are inactive and unproductive. However, writing eliminates the risk of these diseases by stimulating neurons that keeps the brain active and engaged. Also, engaging the brain increases its efficiency and effectiveness which is very important for academic success. Hence, writing is a tool that fosters academic excellence by keeping the brain at its highest levels.

  1. Enlightens a person

Writing helps to increase the knowledge bank of a person by exposing a person to ideas and information they were not aware of. Writing an excellent thesis, term paper, analytical essay, dissertations and any other form of writing requires thorough research. Also, a writer must carry-out an extensive review to deliver a paper that obeys standard rules and principles. However, as a result of in-depth research and review, a writer will be exposed to lots of ideas, information, facts and views in the journals, magazines or textbooks collated. This increases the knowledge of students in their respective areas of specialization improving their academic performance.

  1. Relieves stress

According to experts, a person can easily forget the information they have read when they study for long hours. However, reading for a maximum period of 45 minutes and taking an all-important 10 to 15 minutes break in between each session will refresh the brain for better information digestion. Naturally, a person can be easily stressed out after reading for less than 2 hours when they do not make good use of their breaks. Thus, writing a story or a page of an article will relieve the brain very well. Stress hinders academic excellence and eliminating all the factors that cause stress will improve the academic performance of a student.

  1. Build meaningful relationships

Mentor-mentee relationships can be developed by students with consistent writing skills. Some students that write normally present their articles on their social media pages. If it is an excellent article, professionals or experts can become interested in the student, taking responsibility for their personal growth and development. In the process, a student that has successfully built these kinds of relationships will enjoy access to industry-based materials as well as professional help and assistance. A student with these kinds of connections or relationships is poised for academic success.

  1. Stimulate innovations

Writing a good essay or term paper requires a high level of brainstorming. When students brainstorm aggressively, they come up with different ideas and concepts. If a student is asked to develop a project, these ideas can be developed into innovations boosting the academic ranking of the student.

  1. Refreshes the brain for studies

When the mind is bulked with thoughts and worries, it is impossible for the brain to focus on other things. However, writing is a great way to clear the mind of thoughts and ideas that hinders study. Writing refreshes the brain and keeps the mind open for information digest.

In summary, writing improves the academic performances of students in so many ways and if you still doubt, this article holds enough reasons to convince.

First published at on March 2, 2021