7 Tips for International Students Writing Business Essays

Nobody will read essays in a student’s native language unless it is English. That is why international students must improve their English to write fluently and with fewer mistakes.

International students are often afraid to write academic essays. They argue that they cannot be equal to native speakers who study with them. In fact, a student’s ability to write an effective essay does not depend on nationality. Only those students who work hard and are aware of college requirements can succeed in business essay writing.

Custom writers offer seven tips for international students who write business essays and want to succeed.

Tip 1. Improve your English

Experts suggest five ways to do that.

Read in English daily and vary in literature types and genres. Daily reading must include both official and non-official language, i.e. fiction and nonfiction.

Chat with native speakers.

Watch English movies, cartoons, shows, news with and without subtitles.

Write more in English.

Don’t be afraid to talk and make mistakes. Ask your interlocutor(s) to correct you and explain the mistake.

Tip 2. Pick a Catchy Topic.

It’s a bad idea to introduce a boring topic that lacks novelty. Students should look for sources that relate to business and find something unexplored or poorly investigated. One should search for the topic only on trustable websites. For example, a student can write an essay on the consequences of unemployment in the post-coronavirus world.

Tip 3. Investigate your topic

Even if the topic of the essay is winning, a student will lose because of the poorly researched paper. Students must read about the topic in different sources. They should investigate books, magazines, newspapers, journals and official websites to become aware of the problem and reflect valuable information in the essay.

Tip 4. Create an outline and follow it.

An essay is to be well-structured. Once a person selects a topic and studies it, a writer will be able to identify the most valuable data and compose a plan. The outline will mirror key structural elements. Also, a student can jot down interesting facts on their margins to implement them later in the essay.

Tip 5. Mind the Structure

An essay on business must include four basic structural components: a striking title, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The title should contain 60-75 characters and briefly present the topic of the essay.

The introduction provides a subject, objectives, and a thesis statement. The purpose of the thesis statement is to present the main concept of the essay and hook the reader’s attention.

For example, “while most business sectors suffer from the world crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, online schools can hit the jackpot.”

To hook the reader, a person can use facts, statistics, intriguing statements, and provocative questions.

The body should explain the subject and concept of the essay. Each new message must be presented in a new paragraph. A person should find reliable facts to highlight the paper’s core purpose. The source is to be cited in footnotes or bibliography.

The conclusion restates the problem and summarizes the given information. One can suggest ideas for further research in the conclusion.

Tip 6. Make it logical and accurate.

As a rule, students write five-paragraph essays in business. It is important to link all paragraphs logically. One can order them by priority or chronologically. Transition words help systematize them. Moreover, besides, to conclude, not only… but also belong to typical transitions in business essays. Students are to present accurate information. Names, data and dates are to be checked.

Tip 7. Proofread

Finally, it is necessary to proofread the ready text and correct errors or complete the missing information. Students can use online tools to identify grammar errors and correct them. The best tool for non-native speakers is Rephraser at It’s been developed specifically for international students submitting papers in English. Some tools help to improve the readability of the essay, to report on the uniqueness of the paper and to present plagiarized extracts. In case a person needs to cite sources in the bibliography section, online generators will help to do this quickly and correctly.

Adapted from an article published by Indonesia Expat on May 14, 2020