5 Tried-and-True Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website

You may have high-quality content on your website but unless you can get visitors to read it, it will serve no purpose.

There are many different ways to get more traffic to a website, some of which are more successful than others. The following five ways to get more traffic have been successfully used by most top bloggers.

  1. Add new content constantly

Having a product review app on product pages is a great way to constantly get new reviews so the search engines see regular activity and new content on these pages. Removing stale, outdated content from webpages and adding new sections is also necessary to keep pages relevant.

Blog writing services can help to provide you with fresh content so visitors will keep coming back to discover something new. TextRoyal services include creating a blogging strategy, brainstorming titles, writing blogs and publishing them on your website.

  1. Find out where your competitors are getting their traffic

Knowing where your competitors are getting their traffic can help you to understand which marketing channels to prioritize. Try typing a competitor’s website into the free Alexa tool and under “upstream sites” you are able to see the websites people visited just before landing on your competitor’s website.

If Facebook is the top website, for example, creating Facebook ads would be a good option for you. If a certain niche blog is the top site, you need to strategize how to collaborate with it.

  1. Create a roundup blog post

Create a roundup blog post of people in your industry who are thought leaders and who you admire. Include a short synopsis of their work and what they are doing that is interesting and inspiring.

Add a link to their Twitter profile. Publish the post and send a tweet tagging each person you have featured with a link to the post. The chances are that most of the people mentioned will retweet and share the article on their social networks. People will usually share posts that make them look good and this will drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Start posting on Medium

Medium has more than 60 million visitors a month and you don’t even have to write new content to post. Create an account and expose what you have already written to new readers.

If you are afraid the search engines will see this as duplicate content and penalize it, you don’t have to worry. This used to be the case but using a canonical URL tells the search engine that the content is syndicated.

Medium makes use of a canonical URL by default. It doesn’t take long to upload your post and publish it. If you include interesting internal links to your content, you get more visitors to your website. The more people who read and recommend your post, the more it is promoted to the huge Medium audience.

  1. Promote your site by reaching out to other bloggers

You do not only need to create awesome content but to promote it too. A single tweet from an influential blogger can give your website a good spike in traffic.

Find bloggers that share similar content and send them a personalized, non-pushy email. Mention the content they shared that was similar to yours, tell them about what you have written and ask if they are interested to know when it goes live.

If they get back to you, you can send them a link to your content. Don’t ask bloggers to share your post. Let your content speak for itself and if they think it is good, they will share it.

By DAWN DEPASQUALE First published on OCTOBER 4, 2020