4 SEO Techniques for Promoting Your Growing Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an essential part of modern marketing. Basically, this process’s end goal is to increase the foot traffic of a certain site or page online. It assists in making your business’s online presence effective to the highest degree possible. In the age of constant internet usage and rampant e-commerce, this presence is vital to nurture.

So, here are four SEO techniques for promoting your growing business.

  1. Accumulate Content

As your business grows, the amount of information about it should expand as well. Therefore, you need to be producing more content than before. This can come in many different forms. You could create blog posts or even humorous videos surrounding your company. These don’t need to be purely promotional either. In fact, it often looks better if the content is objective and simply mentions your name and purpose. This creates more trust between the writer and the reader. Organizations like a copywriting agency are designed to help in this regard. You should also be sure that you have effective content. Quantity matters less than quantity in this regard, so don’t post items without doing a thorough check.

  1. Make Your Site Navigable

No one enjoys dealing with a badly made website. No matter how amazing your goods or services are, you can easily lose foot traffic if your site is too confusing. A great place to start is ensuring that you use reliable software. Next, divide your site into reasonable subcategories, such as “about” and “contact information”. Make sure these links are placed near each other and are clearly labeled. If a label promises something, be sure that the page it leads to fulfills that promise. For instance, an “about” page for your business should have more than a personal bio. After all, your life story likely doesn’t include a description of your company. Lastly, ensure that your address and contact information are easy to find. Users may give up on locating your store if this information is hidden.

  1. Use Social Media

Becoming proficient in social media is a necessity for any modern business owner. At the very least, you should have a marketing employee that can use it. Social media platforms currently dominate the world of communication. In fact, about 3.6 billion people are estimated to have used social media during 2020. These platforms unite people that would never meet otherwise. This makes these sites a treasure trove of potential customers. Even if you can’t afford to purchase an ad, the websites are extremely useful. Simply create accounts on multiple sites and make regular posts. Try to include relevant keywords or hashtags that will attract the desired customers. Most importantly, include your contact information and site URL in your posts and your home page.

  1. Create Content for Mobile Devices

An SEO tactic that has become increasingly relevant is focusing on mobile content. About 77% of Americans use smartphones, thus resulting in a multitude of mobile purchases. Therefore, creating content geared toward mobile devices is wise. This is necessary because smartphones tend to be used on the go. Trying to manage a post or a site that was made for bigger screens isn’t easy in public. Even Google recently announced that its mobile user-agent will be focused on by crawlers. Therefore, it’s wise to create a separate mobile format for your website.

Handling SEO can be confusing, especially for those unfamiliar with the internet’s intricacies. However, this process is essential for increasing your online foot traffic. If you’re completely lost, there are many companies and freelance workers that specialize in this area. Just remember to stay modern and focus on your online presence.

By Jenna Walter, first published on January 9, 2021