10 Awesome Tools for Entrepreneurs

Although having my own international communications consultancy was an experience in small-scale entrepreneurship, when I finally decided to create something scalable, I was forced to engage with a whole new world. On my journey, I have discovered some awesome tools that have allowed me to become more professional, effective and efficient.

Here’s our top 10 picks for the most innovative, creative and useful tools for you to check out:

  1. Asana

Being organized is the key to creating a strong business foundation. With a business whose strategy is built on the gig economy, remote working and using local talents to implement local tasks, team members in different cities and countries can stay up-to-date and on task with Asana.

  1. Canva

Canva enables you to create almost any digital graphic you need, with negligible graphic design skills. We’ve designed business cards, posters, flyers and postcards; we’ve designed Facebook posts and newsletter banners and investor presentations. Canva allows you to save your color palette, replicate templates and collaborate with team members, making it hugely useful for design novices.

  1. Rephraser

Working in a non-English speaking country, we’ve seen the sweep of English writing from unreadable to pretty effective. We also know what it’s like working in a language that’s not your mother tongue. If English isn’t your first language, don’t waste time and effort trying to craft the perfect English email or text, Rephraser has your back. Just submit your English email, tweet, blog content whatever – and Rephraser instantly rephrases your non-native English. Rephraser has joined the AI revolution to provide you state-of-the-art English editing for global writers.

  1. Fiverr

We love Fiverr because it provides an answer to any and every whim. We’ve used the marketplace to create whiteboard animation videos as well as distribute promotional flyers throughout university campuses in the US. The variety and accessibility to such highly specific services at such affordable prices, means you don’t have to go searching. It’s all there.

  1. Billbeez

By simply sending Billbeez any and every business invoice, Billbeez provides you with a powerful tool that helps you keep control of your business expenses ,alerts you when there are irregularities, and shows you exactly where you can save on costs.

  1. ActiveTrail

Email marketing has become an essential tool for any business. For a dual marketplace like ours where cultivating relationships with both clients and service providers is a major factor, an email tool that provides you with design templates, seamless sending features and comprehensive data analysis, is essential.

  1. AnyMeeting

Like many sharing economy platforms, our service providers are all over the world from Australia, to Singapore, the US, Finland and the UK. But becoming a member of our community requires periodical training. we explored the webinar software and found that Anymeeting was simple and provided all the necessary features at a great monthly rate.

  1. DOZ

In line with our strategy of recruiting local talent, we stumbled across DOZ, a marketplace with on demand and specialized marketers from all over the world. Depending on the market you want to enter, they have local experts who develop and implement marketing campaigns tailored specifically for the local market.

  1. WIX

Being neither an engineer nor a designer; WIX’s simple drag and drop system gave our company a stage during its development. Today, WIX still hosts the company blog which is updated effortlessly on a weekly basis and then swiftly shared through our Facebook page. We fashioned a gorgeous site using our company color palette of reds, greys and blue.

  1. Clozer

Reflecting our way of thinking in terms of localization, accessibility and efficacy, Clozer is on demand service for sales people located across the globe. We hope Clozer becomes an enormous asset to our company.

We’ve just begun this very exciting yet turbulent journey of creating a startup. Guided by The Lean Start Up principles, I think that creating a successful business isn’t about spending the most money or hiring the most expensive professionals. It’s about creating an overriding strategy that reflects your mission and brand values, and implementing it in the most resourceful and leanest possible way. Using tools like these is helping our business grow and hopefully they can help yours too.

By Ronit Zimmer, first published on March 31, 2016 on